Squash Mini Green Kabocha F1
Squash Mini Green Kabocha F1
Squash Mini Green Kabocha F1

    Squash Mini Green Kabocha F1

      These miniature fruited Kabocha type squash have a medium green color with lighter stripes and their small size allows them to also be used for fall tabletop decorations. The fruit average about 1 lb. in weight and are produced on full vines. They have good flavor, dry flesh and good texture.

      Pumpkins need full sun, rich fertile soil and warm temperatures. Wait to plant until temperatures stay above 50°F (10°C) day and night. Sow groups of 2 to 3 seeds 2 feet apart and 1 inch deep in rows 4 feet apart. Thin to 1 strong seedling per group to give vines room to ramble. Or, make slightly mounded hills 2 to 3 feet across and 6 feet apart and plant 4 to 5 seeds in each hill. When seedlings have several sets of leaves, thin to the strongest 3 seedlings per hill.

      Protect young seedlings from marauding birds by covering with plastic berry baskets at sowing time, removing before plants get crowded. To save space, or for a handsome garden centerpiece, Mini Jack vines can easily be trained up fences, trellises or tepees.

      All pumpkins need to mature properly, so wait to pick until rinds are fully colored and tough enough to resist piercing with a fingernail and vines have died back. Then cut, leaving a good stem handle. Let them cure for 10 days in the sun, then store in a cool dry place and they’ll keep for months. In the kitchen, hollow them out, then stuff and bake them for dandy little soup or vegetable tureens.

      Seeding depth: 1 - 1.5 inches
      Germination days: 6 - 12 days
      Maturation days: 100 days



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